Remote Support from Peak Software

There are several ways Peak software can Remotely Support your Account 4 IT Office software from their home base in Nelson. If you already have Radmin, pcAnywhere or Remote Desktop support with Peak Software, then GREAT! There is no need to change from using these. But if you don't have functional Remote Support software, maybe this is the option for you.

How does it work?

It couldn't be easier! All you do is Run it and double–click on either ‘Graeme’ or ‘Kevin’ depending upon who you want support from.

You may need to download the Remote Support programme from our web site first, but if you are using Account 4 IT Office v3.7 or later you will already have the programme on your computer. It is a specially tailored version of UltraVNC Single Click - an Open Source, freely available remote control programme.

When we were considering software options for providing online remote support to Account 4 IT Office users we made a wish list of the criteria we were after:

  • Simple To Use. We didn't want you to have to enter usernames or passwords, or to have to identify your computer's IP address — nothing but double–click and go!
  • Able To Tutor. To be able to use it for remote tuition YOU need to see what WE are seeing/doing and vice versa. Both parties need to be able to see the same screen.
  • Transfer Files. It is useful to be able to download patches and other files to your computer and to upload log or data files for inspection at Peak Software.
  • Small Programme. We didn't want a programme that was large and takes ages to download. The solution we settled on results in a self–extracting executable that is only 233Kb
  • Low End-User Cost. Its Free! There are no installation or on-going charges or licensing costs — it couldn't be cheaper!

Is it safe?

Yes. The remote control options we use are secure. The Remote Support programme may be small but it has the following features:

  • Encrypted. The programme uses 128bit RC4 encryption to encode the information being passed back to Peak Software to ensure no one else can intercept your data.
  • Not Installed. The programme doesn't install itself on your computer. There is no option to run it as an unattended service in the background. And when the session is finished it removes itself from your computer's memory.
  • YOU Start It. The programme only runs when you run it — its not listening for incoming connections and it doesn't bring itself to life when someone else wants to connect to your computer. And because you initiate the session and attempt a pre–configured connection to Peak Software only it avoids many of the issues that can arise from remote control software that operates from outside your system trying to gain access into your computer.
  • Direct Connection. When you double–click on one of the connections to start a session it attempts to connect directly to that computer — there is no third party or middle–man web site accepting your data and passing it on to Peak Software.

Note: We don't guarantee that it will work on your computer system. There may be some situations where this programme won't work — perhaps if your system has a firewall or virus protection software that prevents outgoing traffic.