Visual Presentations

These videos will give you a taste for the range features available within Physio Office and an idea of how the programme works by demonstrating one aspect of it in use.

An Overview of Physio Office features
    [14:12 mins]

An in-depth description of the range of features available within Physio Office. A practice is able to pick and choose from a full range of optional components those features that would suit your business right now, and still leave the door open to seemlessly add any other components as your business or confidence level grows in the future.

A Demonstration using the Diary
    [22:31 mins]

Using the Scheduler Diary (there are two different Diary views you can pick from) within Physio Office for: making appointments; booking class sessions; using the Wait list; sending appointment/session SMS Txt reminders. This also demonstrates just how easy it is to enter or update treatment details and notes from an appointment and have Physio Office generate the charges that result from this.

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Please note that Physio Office has been specifically designed for New Zealand physiotherapy practices (although it handles almost any other type of provider) and is NOT available outside New Zealand.

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