• Fully Featured

    Physio Office can make your business more efficient no matter how big or small it is. A range of modular features gives you the flexibility to add the function you need as your business grows. A typical physiotherapy practice may combine the Clinical, Diary and Debtors features to start with, adding the Cashbook, GST and Payroll features as business increases.

    Of course you can register ACC45s make claims and process remittance advices electronically, send SMS Txt messages or emails, attaching personalised reports or your newsletter, to selected recipients.
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  • Easy to Use

    Physio Office is easy to learn to use. With detailed on-line help (written in plain English), Tutorials covering many topics, white papers and demonstration videos available on-line. And for personal assistance we have toll-free phone and Remote Control support.

    Enter data once, and that’s it! All clinical details are available from a single window showing treatment details and notes, ACC approvals and patient information, including their account balance. Access to other functions such as receiving payments, maintaining loan details and much more is only a click away.
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  • Very Affordable

    With Physio Office you can pick and choose the features that you need right now so you don't end up paying for options you don’t use while still leaving the door open to add features at any time to suit your growing business needs. Physio Office is network-aware and multi-user capable. Because of its modular design Physio Office can be tailored to suit any size practice.

    And you get the choice of purchasing, leasing or just renting the software on a month-to-month basis. It may pay to check with your accountant which basis would suit your business best.
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